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  1. ILE
    SCAMP: an analytical framework for examining flexible social playfulness around interactive museum exhibits
    Kumar, Vishesh, Berland, Matthew, Lyons, Leilah, and Pinzur, Beth
    Interactive Learning Environments 2022
  2. BJET
    Supporting collaborative classroom networks through technology: An actor network theory approach to understanding social behaviours and design
    Kumar, Vishesh, and Tissenbaum, Mike
    British Journal of Educational Technology 2022
  3. IDC
    Youth Experiences with Authentically Embedded Computer Science in Sport
    Bodon, Herminio, Worsley, Marcelo, and Kumar, Vishesh
    In Interaction Design and Children 2022
  4. ISLS
    The Role of the Physical Space in Distributed Intelligence
    Tissenbaum, Mike, Lindgren, Robb, Danish, Joshua, Kim, Taehyun, Zeng, Litong, Planey, James, Mercier, Emma, Kang, Jina, Vickery, Morgan, Zhou, Mengxi, and others,
    In 15th International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, CSCL 2022 2022


  1. Comm. Studies
    Procedural Collaboration in Educational Games: Supporting Complex System Understandings in Immersive Whole Class Simulations
    Kumar, Vishesh, Tissenbaum, Michael B, and Kim, Taehyun
    Communication Studies 2021
  2. Designing Open-Ended Learning Environments to Foster Diverse Forms of Collaboration
    Kumar, Vishesh
  3. ISLS
    Productive anger? Changing systems understanding due to negative emotions
    Kim, Taehyun,  Kumar, Vishesh, and Tissenbaum, Mike
    In Proceedings of the 15th International Conference of the Learning Sciences-ICLS 2021. 2021


  1. CHIPlay
    Designing for and Identifying Plural Goals in a Science Museum Game Exhibit
    Kumar, Vishesh, Berland, Matthew, Lyons, Leilah, Cannady, Matthew A., and Royston, Maxine
    In Extended Abstracts of the 2020 Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play 2020
  2. Uncovering Patterns in Collaborative Interactions via Cluster Analysis of Museum Exhibit Logfiles.
    Jorion, Natalie, Roberts, Jessica, Bowers, Alex, Tissenbaum, Mike, Lyons, Leilah,  Kumar, Vishesh, and Berland, Matthew
    Frontline Learning Research 2020
  3. ISLS
    Assessment in Hands-On Library Learning Spaces
    Wardrip, Peter, Chang, Stephanie, Penney, Lauren, Abramovich, Samuel, Millerjohn, Rebecca,  Kumar, Vishesh, Martin, Caitlin, Widman, Sari, Penuel, William R., and Chang-Order, Josephina
  4. ISLS
    Reframing Playful Participation in Museums: Identity, Collaboration, Inclusion, and Joy
    Berland, Matthew, Royston, Maxine McKinney, Lyons, Leilah,  Kumar, Vishesh, Hansen, Derek, Hooper, Paula, Lindgren, Robb, Planey, James, Quigley, Kathryn, and Thompson, Wren
  5. ISLS
    Becoming Together: Creating and Looking at Collaborations as Learning Products
    Kumar, Vishesh, Jayathirtha, Gayithri, Halverson, Erica, Carter-Stone, Laura, Leander, Kevin, Tissenbaum, Mike, Wheeler, Nathan, and Litts, Breanne K.


  1. CHIPlay
    Rainbow Agents: A Collaborative Game For Computational Literacy
    Pellicone, Anthony, Lyons, Leilah,  Kumar, Vishesh, Zhang, Eda, and Berland, Matthew
    In Extended Abstracts of the Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play Companion Extended Abstracts 2019
  2. IDC
    City Settlers: Participatory Games to Build Sustainable Cities
    Kumar, Vishesh, and Tissenbaum, Mike
    In Proceedings of the 18th ACM International Conference on Interaction Design and Children 2019
  3. Designing Tools for Observation and Assessment in Makerspaces
    Kumar, Vishesh, Millerjohn, Rebecca, and Wardrip, Peter
  4. CSCL
    See the Collaboration Through the Code: Using Data Mining and CORDTRA Graphs to Analyze Blocks-Based Programming
    Tissenbaum, Mike, and Kumar, Vishesh


  1. Failing up: How failure in a game environment promotes learning through discourse
    Anderson, Craig G., Dalsen, Jen,  Kumar, Vishesh, Berland, Matthew, and Steinkuehler, Constance
    Thinking Skills and Creativity 2018
  2. IDC
    Exploring computational thinking through collaborative problem solving and audio puzzles
    Jordan-Douglass, Anna,  Kumar, Vishesh, and Woods, Peter J.
    In Proceedings of the 17th ACM Conference on Interaction Design and Children 2018


  1. IDC
    Connected spaces: Helping Makers know their neighbors
    Kumar, Vishesh, Tissenbaum, Mike, Wielgus, Lauren, and Berland, Matthew
    In Proceedings of the 2017 Conference on Interaction Design and Children 2017
  2. LAK
    What are visitors up to? helping museum facilitators know what visitors are doing
    Kumar, Vishesh, Tissenbaum, Mike, and Berland, Matthew
    In Proceedings of the Seventh International Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference 2017


  1. DiGRA
    Comparing gameplay across formal and informal contexts
    Binzak, V. J., Anderson, Craig G., Kumar, Jordan-Douglass A., and Berland, M.
    Proceedings of the 1st DiGRA and FDG 2016
  2. ICLS
    Situating deep multimodal data on game-based stem learning
    Anderson, Craig G., Binzak, John V., Dalsen, Jennifer, Saucerman, Jenny, Jordan-Douglass, Anna,  Kumar, Vishesh, Turker, Aybuke, Berland, Matthew, Squire, Kurt, and Steinkuehler, Constance
  3. EDM
    Modeling Visitor Behavior in a Game-Based Engineering Museum Exhibit with Hidden Markov Models.
    Tissenbaum, Mike,  Kumar, Vishesh, and Berland, Matthew
    International Educational Data Mining Society 2016


  1. IDC
    Note code: A tangible music programming puzzle tool
    Kumar, Vishesh, Dargan, Tuhina, Dwivedi, Utkarsh, and Vijay, Poorvi
    In Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction 2015


  1. IndiaHCI
    Restorama: Panoramas In Restaurants, Tangible Interfaces for Cameras
    Kumar, Vishesh, Dargan, Tuhina, Kumar, Ankit, Jaglan, Amit, Nayak, Ashish, and Sorathia, Keyur
    In Proceedings of the India HCI 2014 Conference on Human Computer Interaction 2014
  2. ICLS
    Leveling transparency via situated intermediary learning objectives (SILOs)
    Abrahamson, Dor, Chase, Kiera,  Kumar, Vishesh, and Jain, Rishika


  1. OzCHI
    e-Tely: electronic stamps for augmenting emails
    Kumar, Vishesh, Agrawal, Harshit, Jain, Rishika, Maini, Arka Bani, and Kumar, Prabhat
    In Proceedings of the 25th Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference: Augmentation, Application, Innovation, Collaboration 2013