A [Tangible] Music Programming [Puzzle] Game


Arduino (/MaKey MaKey), Processing


January-March, 2015 -- made in a team of 4


The extensive course paper submitted is here. We are also presenting Note Code as a poster at the Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI) Conference, 2015. Here's the paper we submitted.


This project's beginnings are (, rather honestly, ) described here.

Here is also a pdf containing instructions and detailed description of using the existing prototype, currently available at this repo.

Note Code was built as a constructionist environment that allows making musical tunes using computational concepts, and enables learning computational thinking at the same time. It also includes a puzzle-guided learning region that is accessible through the coupled GUI – this involves creating tunes that are presented as a puzzle, which require figuring out different functionalities and abilities in programming techniques.

Here is a video demonstrating the GUI's working:

Note Box