This is the site of Vishesh Kumar. A final (fourth) year student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, majoring in an unusually ambiguous programme called ‘Design‘, along with a minor in Math, and a few Computer Science courses audited for the fun of math and CS.

Things I like:

Computers & technology, Math & Programming, Armchair philosophy (and a little Design, to whatever extent I understand that).

I like to play table tennis; sit weirdly on chairs looking for the posture that optimizes comfort, while being able to read & type; and imagining pursuing a more physically active and healthy lifestyle.

I also love good food (who doesn’t?), and getting to try new foods.

I like to think. A lot. Probably to a point beyond safety.

I also love reading, though constantly feel sad about now having read enough books.

And I listen to music almost all the time. Over the last week (August, 2014), I’ve been listening to a lot of The Killers. But these preferences change every fortnight, on an average.

I like to try all sorts of new things as well. I learnt salsa and mixed variety of dancing for two weeks at mathcamp 2011, and loved it! I did a bit of rock climbing in Berkeley, summer 2013, and enjoyed that quite a bit too. I also enjoyed jumping out of a moving bus and fracturing my skull a great deal. So yeah.

What I care about:

Apart from general existential crises and figuring out who I am and what I should be doing;
I want to make the world a smarter – and hence, a better – place to be. I believe this is the way to true power, and to the same end, I imagine changing education and making learning systems, as a part of the things I am currently trying to do.

What I do:

I enjoy making things – via programming, and more recent attempts in hardware/electronics, using Arduinos, and the like.

I like to solve problems – math puzzles, design stuff, and anything else that tickles my fancy.

I love thinking. About things that could have been & things that should be, conversations, and how stuff works – people, programs, tools, everything. Perhaps some philosophical stuff. And lately, quite a bit about my agenda of improving learning, and meta stuff about what my agenda should be.

My Current Mission

To have fun.
Engage in making things, accompanying or not, the aim to affect learning.
Keep my head busy, in learning new things, thinking about cool stuff, and facing & solving new challenges.
To get to perfection real soon.
To change the world.