To learn/be awesome in doing

  • Math. All topics, as far as possible. However impossible that sounds. Chaos, toplogy, dynamical systems, for starters.
  • Design. All kinds. I want to indulge in every kind of design at least once. Print, Interface, Product, Code, blah.
  • Programming. The math kind, as well as the software development kind. I want to make FB, Android, iPhone, and everything else’s apps. Cool ones. I do already have ideas.
  • Photography. I don’t as much as have a camera of my own. But I’ll definitely learn. I’m pretty sure I’d manage a good job in the first place. 😛
  • Music. Much more limited in my desires here -I want to be able to play the violin and the flute. Well.
  • Dance. I don’t like to specify what kind of dance I want to learn and be awesome at, because of all things, this is one of those I have the least (well, zero so far) experience with. But if you insisted on wanting to know, mostly of the hip-hop kind.
  • Food. I want to be able to cook. The fine-dining kind. Which treat culinary skills as an art. This is one of the only things I would attribute to a television reality show, but bleh.
  • Martial Arts. The plan was to learn Ninjitsu. But I don’t know how/where I’ll do that from. It’s not a bargain, but I even have to learn parkour. It looks a lot like dance in its own way.
  • more to come, as I recall, or find out about.